Get The Gizmo, Man, Before Things Get Crazy

Gizmo Gypsies is offering an interactive-adventure-story-filled CDROM and DVD called “The Little Wizard.” It’s ideal for anyone looking for an educational, yet entertaining option to reading a book. And, it’s a fun way to introduce your child to the computer.

3dmDeveloped by an expert team of conceptual artists, musicians, animators, 3D modeling and interactive game developers, and programmers, “The Little Wizard,” is targeted at children ages three to eight. Upon entering into the world of the Little Wizard, you and your child are greeted with richly detailed illustrations and brightly colored graphics. You join along as he and his forest friends journey to strange and mystical lands such as wild-and-crazy Bugville, Slo-Mo Junction, and nutty Normal Town in search of someone who may have special powers like his own.

A number of games interspersed throughout the series of adventure stories allow your child to build skills such as pattern recognition, basic math, construction, and color mixing. In the Cave Game, for example, the child is asked to match colors and solve basic math problems. The Eartail Forest game calls on your child to use the mouse and keyboard to help the Little Wizard create music or add sounds. In Slo-Mo Junction, the child follows a blueprint to build different things with blocks. Other games found in the Little Wizard adventure stories include The Snoring Game and The Snoozing Juice Bar.

“The Little Wizard” uses advanced technologies like random embedded animation, and lip-synched character voices to totally immerse the child in the adventure stories. Interactive music and 3D characters add to this experience. And, with the ability to depict simultaneous multiple events, “The Little Wizard’s” cast of characters are able to react not only to the child, but to the surroundings as well.

“The Little Wizard” CD-ROM/DVD can be utilized in an assortment of different ways. Children can, for example, either have the story read to them, read it on their own, or have it read to them scene by scene. In these ways, they can interact with each scene. They also have the ability to review any one of 22 scenes, or fast-forward to any one of the scenes by using a special Pick-A-Scene option.

A special start/stop narration feature allows the child to interrupt the story or click on text so that sequences of words can be read back. In addition, children have access to special tools to create and listen to music as they interact with the CD-ROM.

While this is certainly not the first interactive animated story on the market for children, it is unique in that it offers a true hands-on multidimensional learning capability that evolves with the child. This is possible thanks to a built-in update feature that uses the World Wide Web to access and load the latest story updates.

Such updated information might include the introduction of new characters, more music, and the addition of greater complexities to the games. As a result, once the child masters certain skills, he or she can be immediately introduced to new situation and more difficult game levels that will again challenge them to learn something new. And, for the parents reading along with their children this means no more getting bored seeing the same thing repeated over and over again.

“The Little Wizard” CD-ROM is priced at $29.95, and is now available at a variety of retail stores. It also can be purchased via the company’s web site listed below.

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