Fast Exchange Recovery

Exchange-recoveryI’m still trying to figure out exactly what we should do in order to make sure we get an effective Exchange recovery. I haven’t been in a lot of situations in which our Microsoft exchange database one completely inaccessible, but this is definitely one of them. I think it is because the rate server that we were working with ended up dropping two drives at once. I think they basically call this a raid failure, but it is unfortunate because of the fact that we host our exchange server on this machine.

I was fortunate though that a buddy of mine has dealt with a couple of server recovery companies in California, and he tells me that probably the best one out there is called RDRS. I have already been in contact with them and they are telling me that they should be able to retrieve all of the data in the Microsoft exchange database within 24 hours.

Fantastic Data Recovery

I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to expect of this data recovery company, but I heard a lot of great things from a lot of people that I really trust. Just by looking at their website I can tell that this is not your run-of-the-mill raid data recovery company. Of course, I really don’t know very many companies that can actually recover raid servers, but this one seems to specialize in this. I guess I’ve always been a little bit curious about the data recovery industry in general because these people helped so many companies to recover critical data every day. This company seems to come well recommended by a lot of important friends, as I said.

I actually really like this company because they can recover your data really quickly thanks to a drop shipping service that is unique to them. It is interesting how a lot of these companies operate these days.

RAID Recovery Needs to Be Done

I really don’t have a clue exactly of how I am going to get this RAID recovery done. I have already looked at all of the tax forms on the Internet that talk about this particular server, and it appears as if I have a pretty unique error. I don’t know of many places in which there is a lot of information on raid repair, so instead of winging it I just figured that I should just call a raid data recovery specialist.

After pretty research I realized that there weren’t very many companies that actually specialize in raid data recovery. This is unfortunate, because it obviously makes sense that if there were a lot of specialists the prices would be a lot lower. But, because the data is so important to our company I am not going to go cheap with it and I will just pay what I have to pay.

IBM RAID 5 Data Recovery

We have had a lot of good luck with our computers over the years and it actually helps me because I am the key IT administrator for a number of departments here. Outside of a recent situation in which we needed raid 5 data recovery, I’ll overall been pretty satisfied with the quality of our machines. We have always been an IBM shop, which on one hand is not that great, but on the other hand is not an awful thing. These guys tend to have pretty competitive machines and now that they have started focusing heavily on servers, I can say that I like their products. It was a good idea for them to sell off their PC division to Lenovo and I have experience pretty good support from these guys. But, I will say that IBM does need to work on the consistency of their raid support. Let’s face it, these are expensive servers.

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