A Neat Story About A Data Recovery Company

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years or are one of those grandmothers who have never seen or used a computer in your life, you probably have had some kind of issue with either a file or a hard drive at least once. You may have had a blue screen, or a clicking hard drive (which after some research I have found people actually call the “click of death”), or some kind of loss in which you really couldn’t get anything back.

Me. If I was a blond. And a woman. And had a particularly large mouth, apparently.

Me. If I was a blond. And a woman. And had a particularly large mouth, apparently.

I was one of the lucky ones for quite a long time. In fact, I think I never had a lost file in all 15 years of me using PCs. Do I think it has something to do with the fact that I’ve always used Fujitsu laptops? Uh, probably not. I have read a lot of bad reviews of Fujitsu laptops that had me sometimes even reconsidering the fact that I own one. But, I will say the fact that they also manufacture  their own hard drives has got to mean something as far as overall consistency. At least, this is my theory, of which I have very little proof 🙂

Well, all that changed a couple of months ago when I was working on a paper for a company that I was doing consultancy for. Naturally, the thing was due only a couple of days before my hard drive finally up and crashed, and I was absolutely freaking out. Money was pretty tight at the time, and I assumed that I would probably be doomed here.

Anyway, after freaking out for a while and doing some searches on the Internet for the absolute most perfect data recovery software that has ever been created that can somehow recover files from a hard drive that is a brick, I finally chilled a little bit. Decided to weigh my options when I was looking to recovery my Mac laptop. I checked out this forum. Most of the data recovery techniques were way over my head. So, I did a couple searches and decided to contact a company called Hard Drive Recovery Group. The guy I talked to was actually pretty cool and I’m surprised at how well he was able to diagnose the problem with my hard drive over the phone. I was calmed down right away because I could tell that he was an expert immediately. I don’t typically deal very much in terms of IDE or SATA, so the whole thing, needless to say, impressed me a lot. Hardware has never really been my game, let’s say.

He said that it was likely that I would need clean room data recovery in order to get all my files back. I told him about my money situation and he told me that it would be a problem at all. He said that the recession had been difficult for quite a few people, and that many of his customers were actually paying him just down-payments. He said they actually set up a financing option for people who were having difficulties. This probably makes a lot of sense as I know actually a lot of people who ended up underwater because of their mortgage. But for a company to actually care enough about their customers to offer a specific financing option for a service as archaic as hard drive recovery really made me feel good about humanity.

All right, so I’m still a bitter old grump. But after getting all of my files back immediately (They basically just put your files in a secure place on their server and allow you to download it immediately, then ship you the data on a brand-new SSD drive. Wow.), I was able to finish the job and finally get paid.

The financing option was something that I really didn’t have to use, thankfully, because everything worked out really well.

I certainly wish all businesses were like this, but I understand that it is cold hard world. But every once in a while, it’s good to know that there are good people out there competing in what can often be a rough environment.

I think it is important to think about these things once in a while. You know, just think about it.

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